Complete Jumps Training

Get A Complete Blueprint For JumpTraining That Consistently Maximizes Performance, Keeps Your Athletes Injury Free, And Sets Them Up For Long Term Success

Finally, A Step-by-Step Jump Training System Created By Coaches, For Coaches

Dear Coach,
As you well know, the ability to express power and speed through jumping is critical for on the field and on the court success. The athlete who can effectively control their bodies in space, at any given time or speed is going to have a leg up on their competition and if they can’t adapt to the chaos of sport and multiple changes of direction and speed…they will not succeed. Unfortunately, until now there hasn’t been a complete resource that addresses jump training for sport in a way that prepares you, the coach to develop explosive athletes that are injury free. Coaches have been left without credible, trustworthy jump training knowledge and instead they’ve had to settle for doing what they’ve always done or sift through the sea of information (and misinformation) available today in an effort to best serve their athletes. That’s exactly why Coaches Guide to Jump Training was developed. My name is Pat Beith, and over the past 11 years my company, Athletes Acceleration has been the #1 organization for delivering Practical, Step-By-Step Resource for Coaches to better serve their athletes worldwide (coaches from over 106 countries) and now we’ve developed a complete blueprint for Jump Training that will dramatically improve your athletes on the field and on the court.

What is Included in Complete Jumps Training?

Component One: Introduction To Jump Training (3:01) Component Two: Mastering The Mechanics (7:38) Component Three: Programming Principles (8:51) Component Four: Vertical Plane Jumps (14:14) Component Five: Linear Plane Jumps (9:11) Component Six: Lateral Plane Jumps (9:48) Component Seven: Rotational Jumps (9:46) Component Eight: Complete Jumps Training Manual (35 pages)

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